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Monster Tank

Radical in style with two great tank-steps, a rotating skateboard-style deck and a ground-breaking 4-stroke 208cc motor make it fit for going through soil, mud, sand and snow effortlessly lasting through the year. Own a Monster Tank DTV Shredder and you will rapidly observe that it resembles no other ride on the planet – appreciate an elating stand-up ride and control the Dual CVT Transmission through the rotating deck controlling component and feel like you’re surfing ashore.

The complete specifications about Monster Tank DTV Shredder are the following;


  1. Monster Tank Size: 43×27.25×23(LxWxH)with handle in lowered position
  2. 43×27.25×52.5 with handle in upright position
  3. Machine Weight: 250lbs.(113kg)
  4. Top Speed: 25 mph(40km/h),with factory gearing
  5. All-terrain capability


  • *208cc, 14hp @ 5400rpm, 15ft * lb torque, 4-stroke gasoline engine
  • *Dellorto ECS control system
  • *EPA Certificate/CE Marked
  • *Electric Start


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Point1: Redesigned Engine

Point2: Redesigned Cylinder Head and Connecting Rod

Point3: Dellorto Electronic Engine Control(ECS)

Point4: Lead Acid Battery

Point5: Redesigned Muffler

Point6: Innovative Pivoting Deck Steering System

Point7: Brush Guard

Point8: Re-modelled Air Duct

Point9: Snow/Sand Skid Plate

Point10: Mud Flaps

Point11: Top Quality Bolts and Screws

Point 12: Adjustable Air Shocks



重量 113 kg
尺寸 43 × 27.25 × 52.5 cm

1.Chassis/Suspension/Drive System:
2.Panasonic robotic arc welded tub frame construction
3.6-point,independently articulating suspension system
4.Patented,variable speed,track-biasing CVT system
5.Paddle style,reinforced,continuous molded rubber track
6.Cast aluminum swing-arms

Control System

Pivoting deck steering mechanism(skateboard style)15* deck lean angle left-right,from horizontal
Fixed handle position left-right,multiple incline positioning front-back thumb throttle acceleration
Dual hydraulic disc brake,hand lever
Several international patents